What we believe

We believe that God is completely good. God consists of love in His very being and lives in loving community Himself (the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit). In an act of generosity, He created a beautiful world, full of different types of life. And He created humanity to live in relationship with Him and to care for this world, in a way that reflects His own character and values.

However, we were unable to live this out and chose to put ourselves and our own desires first. As a result this world has fallen into disrepair: our relationship to God, to each other as human beings, and to the natural world have all been affected. We know that the world is not as it should be.

God did not give up on the world after this but chose to rescue it. Amazingly God still wanted to work through people, valuing the dignity and status with which we were created. He blessed and led one family and then one nation so they would be a light to the world. However, continual failures to follow God and pursue justice showed that we just can’t do it by ourselves.

Enter Jesus. Jesus was the one person who was able to live this life with and for God.  Furthermore, He began to change this world as He went, restoring it as His good Kingdom. And in His death, He defeated the forces of evil and injustice, which had usurped control, and forgives His followers of our collusion with them.

This world changing project is clearly not yet complete. Jesus continues this work now through His church, a community of all those who follow Him. He teaches us by the Scriptures and enables us by His Spirit to live a new life like His. And we believe that one day Jesus will return and bring a new world with Him. It will be good and perfect again and even surpass the original creation. Evil and injustice will be judged, so that true justice, freedom, and beauty can reign unimpeded.