St Patrick in the Park

Welcome to our online St Patrick in the Park page! We hope you enjoyed learning about St Patrick through our posters that are up in Beech Park. If you want to find out more about St Patrick you can look at some of the resources below. There are also digital versions of the posters which you can view at the bottom of the page or by clicking here. If you would like to find out more about Dublin West Community church have a look around our website! You could start on our Who We Are page.


General information including a film from UCD Library

Brittanica article on St Patrick

Historical notes from the St Patrick Centre

St Patrick’s information for kids (Kiddyhouse)

Story of St Patrick from Scoilnet (Primary School resource hub)

Patrick’s words and copies of manuscripts


The true story of St Patrick (12 mins)

Story of St Patrick from CBN (7 mins)

St Patrick – Bet You Didn’t Know (2 mins)

Podcasts and Audio

Saint Patrick – Historical Man and Popular Myth (Dr. Elva Johnston)

St Patrick in the park digital posters