This is a page that provides prayers that can help you think through and pray for the current Covid-19 pandemic.

There are different styles and prayers that you can read, follow along with or listen to.

We want to be praying for Dublin, Ireland and the world during this time. There is also a form at the bottom of the page in which you can request prayers and our team will pray for your requests.

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Let us Guide you in prayer – Prayers to Read

1. A Prayer for Healing & Healthcare

Dear Father God, we come to you in prayer for healing. We thank you that you are a good God and that you sent your son Jesus into this world to heal it. Jesus came healing the sick and the diseased, and many then came to Him bringing their sick friends and relatives for healing. We join with them now and pray for healing in our land.

We thank you for all of the frontline workers in our health system, for our doctors, our nurses and our carers. We are grateful for their tireless and sacrificial service of us and our country. Please protect them at this time. We ask that you would heal those who have contracted covid-19, that their colleagues would not get it and that all would have the protective equipment they need. Give them the energy and focus they need to continue their jobs in this unrelenting environment.

We think of our fellow countrymen and women, of the thousands who have already tested positive for the virus and those that are unconfirmed carriers. Father we lift them all up to you the God who gives life and we pray for your healing hand upon them. We ask that you give power to their bodies to fight off this virus. We think in particular of those who are in hospital and in intensive care. Father please give breath to their lungs, strengthen their bodies and heal them of this virus.

Father, our thoughts also turn to our fellow citizens in nursing homes and other residential centres across our land. We are saddened to think of the situation of our most vulnerable, isolated from loved ones and already weak in body. We ask for your protection upon them. We pray that any incidences of covid-19 in these places would be isolated and that clusters would not spread or grow. And please heal those who have already contracted the virus, give them extra strength to resist it and sustain them through this time and into recovery.

We thank you that you hear our prayers, through the person of Jesus your son.


2. A Prayer for Provision and Jobs

Heavenly Father, thank you that we can come to you at any time of the day or night with our requests and that you always hear us. Nothing is too difficult for You.

In these days of economic uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, we especially pray for those who have lost their jobs. We ask that you would provide for them so they can continue to pay their bills, feed themselves and their families, and keep a roof over their heads. We pray that they will find a job quickly when all this is over. Please bring them comfort, peace and hope. May they know You are always there for them.

We also think of the many of us who now face uncertainty, anxiety and fear around work. Thank you that you understand how worried and overwhelmed we can be when our jobs and incomes are uncertain at a time like this. Help us to find peace in the middle of this storm.

Father God, we thank you for all those who are still in work. We think especially of those who are working tirelessly in all aspects of the food industry and other essential areas to keep everyone fed and protected. Bless each one involved by enabling them and their families to stay strong, healthy and safe from all harm.

We also thank you for our Government, who have been working hard to help the country through this crisis in so many ways. We thank you for their awareness of the economic hardship many are facing and the financial provision they have made available in unprecedented ways. Continue to give them wisdom in leading our nation as well as continued understanding and compassion for those struggling financially.

Thank you that you have come to us in the person of Jesus. We pray to you in His name.


Come Pray with us – Spoken prayers to watch & join in with

1. A Lament – This is a prayer to help you express your anger to God

2. A Meditation – this is a prayer to help you focus on God in tough times.

For a shorter written version of this meditation you can click here.

Let us pray for you – Prayer Requests