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A Thought for this Strange Day – 21/5

Todays thought is from Fraser – it’s adapted from what he shared about on Sunday during our Zoom service.

On Sunday we looked at the 2nd line of the Lord’s Prayer, “holy be your name”. Holy means that God is ‘set apart’ or special, but is God not already special and holy, why do we have to pray it?

Yes He is, but is He treated as special”on earth”? And the word literally means ‘make holy’, or ‘treat as holy’. So its a prayer that God’s name will be seen and treated as special on earth, in our communities, streets and houses.

Pause and think of any names that you treat as special.

Is there a sports team (Liverpool anyone!) whose scarf or top you wear because you love the name and the team? You treat it as special by wearing it and waving it. It’s a way of celebrating it.

Or is there a clothes label and logo that you love to wear?

Or think of a time someone made fun of your name because they don’t like you. No one likes being teased, it feels awful. Or what if people treat your name as special, like your birthday with your name on your cake and a banner with your name on it, all because people like you and are celebrating you.

Take which ever of those pictures is helpful and insert the name Jesus. Imagine treating His name as special. And then those around you doing likewise. And begin to pray that this would come to be.


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