The youth group is made up of guys and girls in secondary school.


We are a mix of ages, backgrounds and personalities and we meet every week in the D15 area in various locations.  On any given week we could be doing something social, praying about real issues that we or our society face, learning about living a full life from the Bible or worshiping God together.   One constant is that there is always food in abundance!

 This year we have been  to JumpZone, played Zorb football, supported local charity fundraisers and covered the “Basic” series – an exploration of faith by Francis Chan.








We meet for two reasons:

  • to grow our relationship with God
  • to grow our relationship with each other










We have really down to earth leaders that help us, and they encourage us to develop our faith and to have big dreams about living a life with God.






We have great time together, and we get to be quite creative too.    When we last took a youth service on a Sunday morning, the artistic members of the group wrote, composed and performed a song.  Check it out!


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