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Calling Lab

The Calling Lab was a one-day event which we took part in, alongside around 40 Christians from various Dublin churches. During it, we spent the day together exploring our individual ‘calling’ in a variety of ways. One of our members who went shared some of their thoughts on the day.

I learned that ‘calling’ (i.e. we are where we are meant to be) comes out of intimacy with God and mission, yearning for and then discovering and doing what we were made for! Like so many others, I had little idea of my own calling, so looked forward to the opportunity of a day devoted to looking in depth at this. This was done using different methods, or ‘tools’.

 The first was by looking at our unique personalities, helped by completing an enneagram personality test.  I found this particularly helpful, mainly because it helped me to understand myself and my responses, and to not compare myself in any way to anyone different.

The second was by reviewing our life experiences in more depth and seeing how our past can play a major role in our calling. This was also a particularly interesting and enlightening exercise, helping me see some things in a more positive light than previously as well as gaining a greater overview.

 The third, finding our biblical identity based on Ephesians 4 ministry gifts, was aided by completing another survey. For me, this was very confirmatory and has freed me to move in this gift with far more confidence than previously.

Putting all these together has revealed some common pointers or clues as to my calling. There then followed a period of individual prayerful listening to God for further clarity and direction, after which there was the opportunity of talking through or processing our day with a ‘mentor’.

Personally, this was a very positive and helpful day in many ways. I have a greater sense of who I am and although still unclear as to calling I am much closer to discovering it! A day well spent!!

You can see the promo video for the event below.

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