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A Thought for this Strange Day – 25/3

During the “lockdown” we thought it would be helpful to keep connected and building community in as many ways as we can. One way we’re going to do this is by sharing something each day from one of our members. It could be something that has encouraged or challenged them in the past few weeks, it could be a verse from the Bible, a song, a poem or whatever other ways God is speaking to them. Below is day three brought to us by Deirdre!

Today, as I walked in the beautiful sunshine, dark images of death in my memory from Italy.  I thought of the awful suffering this Corona Virus has brought, and maybe it is showing us that this world we live in, this very pagan, materialistic, indulgent world, where its ok to destroy God’s beautiful planet, and to go to war, to get what we want, this world, our old way of living, that does not acknowledge God and His greatness, that this world needs to die, so a new world can be born. And birth (as all us mothers know, is painful) but it brings forth a wonderful new life.

So today, as I watched families out walking together, birds making nests and singing their songs, and beautiful spring flowers everywhere, I felt hope. Hope that God is with us, through it all, that He has a plan, and that this is an opportunity for many people to realise their need for God. That we can be part of God s work of creating a better, kinder, more balanced and spiritual world.

My prayer is that we all take this time of quiet and reflection, that has been forced upon us (It’s ironic, we all have been forced to go on a retreat!) and ask God what He is saying to us individually and as a church. For me, it is about going inward towards a more meditative and quiet prayer life.

So, I pray, that we all can be leaders, in our families, and eventually in our communities, to encourage the building of this new world, to encourage others to have faith by us having a deeper faith, to encourage kindness, by us being kind, to bring more peace into the world, by being more peaceful. Help us Father, to use this time, to grow in your love, your peace and your joy and to be a light to others.

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