Following Jesus involves “Loving one another, as He loved us.” (John 13 v34)

Sunday mornings are a great time to come together as a community of Christians to celebrate God, but real growth in the pursuit of the Christian life is accelerated when shared in close relationship with other followers. We call these smaller groups Growth Groups.

Growth Groups
Growth groups are small, committed groups of people (between 3-12 in each group) that meet in various locations around the D15 area with the aim of helping us all grow into spiritually mature followers of Christ. There are Growth Groups for men only, women only, and mixed-gender groups. We run throughout the year to mutually encourage one another to love God, love each other, and love and serve those around us. They really are the best environment for building strong friendships; cultivating a deeper faith through study, prayer, and mutual accountability; and discovering a shared purpose together.

Pastoral care
There are many practical ways that we can love each other – a meal to the overstressed / sick, childcare while attending an appointment, fixing a car, praying for each other, a listening ear etc. There are designated people in Dublin West Community Church that coordinate pastoral support to the church family.

Prayer meeting
Bringing the needs of others to God is a great privilege. The church gathers to pray every second Wednesday evening. We pray for those who need God’s help in our own church family, in the wider D15 community, in our country, and for other events and people around the globe.

Children’s Ministry
Our children are a gift from God to their parents as a special sign of love and personal fulfillment (Deut. 7:13; Ps. 127:3).

Creche (Preschool, 6 months – 4 years)

Creche aims to help our young ones establish and nourish friendship with each other while experiencing God’s love through playtime. Every Sunday morning, our children get to hang out for 30-45 minutes together showing God’s love to one another through sharing, playing, and laughter!

Scramblers and Explorers (Junior Infants to 2nd class)
S & E creates a fun and interactive way for children to learn about God and His world. We use lots of different, age-appropriate ways to engage our children each week and to help us follow Jesus. Great friendships grow out of our time together.

Discovery Club (3rd-6th class)
Discovery Club is a place where we learn how to follow Jesus. We aim to discover more deeply who He is and how He can shape our daily lives. Our aim is to learn from each other about how to be a follower of Jesus, so we don’t rush but move at our own pace. We play games, read the Bible, build friendships, pray, and discuss topics relevant to the group that help us as followers and equip us for our everyday lives.